March 4, 2021

Beauty: at last, a foolproof home blow-dry | Sali Hughes

It’s extraordinarily easy and fast, and almost flawlessly mimics a proper blow-dry

There’s a faintly improbable narrative in beauty currently, in which the modern woman is presumed to be popping constantly into blow-dry bars en route to a meeting or party, then emerging with perfect, professionally styled hair. Much as I recognise that “express beauty” establishments are booming in cities such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool, I still can’t imagine the average woman has either the time or the cash (some £20-45 a go) to obtain regular professional blow-dries outside of weddings, special occasions and three- to six-monthly haircuts.

I daresay many would like to, since there are few things as treaty or gratifying as a professional blow-dry – all smooth, soft and bouncy, with no stringy bits pointing wilfully in the wrong direction. This magic happens when an expert simultaneously lifts a barrel brush and pushes a dryer nozzle downwards over it; it’s a maddeningly fiddly and lengthy process for an amateur to conquer in the reverse reflection of a mirror at home.

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