May 7, 2021

Citizens of Humanity Puts Denim to Work With Performance Collection

In the Eighties it was stonewashing, the Nineties were a fixation on Lycra followed by laser innovation to help with washing. Citizens of Humanity of late has been focused on fiber technology, the latest example of that being its Perform collection for men.
Perform, launched for fall, focuses on smart fabrics that can stretch, offer moisture-wicking attributes or temperature control.
“There’s a lot of innovation at the fiber level and what we’re doing is trying to create a new benchmark for what basic denim fabric does. We are trying to find fabrics that can do more for you,” said creative director Catherine Ryu.
What results is a Citizens of Humanity take on smart technology for denim.
“It’s like wearables,” Ryu said. “When we think about wearables, it’s this ring or this watch, but we believe in the future of innovation at the fabric level.”
The fall collection introduced a power stretch Tencel blend fabric. Spring 2018 will see the introduction of Coolmax technology that offers moisture wicking, and there are other R&D projects also in the works, Ryu said.
The Perform collection complements the Sculpt offering on the women’s side launched three years ago, which is when the focus on fabric technology first began, she said.

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