November 27, 2020

A Pioneer in Green Beauty Looks to Awaken a Stubborn Chicago Market

Most independent operators shudder when an established competitor moves into their turf. But when Credo opened up in a neighborhood not too far away from Jenny Duranski’s green beauty boutique and organic spa called Lena Rose, she celebrated.
“I am welcoming them with open arms. I’m a green nerd who was one of the first into their store,” Duranski said. She was also the first, she noted, to bring green beauty to the market with a nontoxic nail salon called Noktivo in 2013 and then with Lena Rose last November.
Duranski believes the marketing muscle Credo brings to Chicago will ignite interest in green beauty. Chicago, she related, has been slower to react to the movement than the East and West Coasts. “We feel people will walk into Credo, go home and hit their search bar to see what else is in Chicago,” she said hoping that would attract more foot traffic. Duranski selected her location in an emerging neighborhood with easy access to transportation. Kim Davis, a recent visitor to Lena Rose, characterized the area as charming with many young families. “My 23-year-old daughter would love to move here and she’s just the type of customer who Lena Rose would attract,” Davis said.

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