December 5, 2020

4 Easy Life Hacks You Need to Know Straight From Female CEOs

Life hacks. We all need them. Whether it’s to get past those tiny obstacles throughout the day or on the flip side, continue to run a multimillion dollar company without flinching, there are many tips on how to manage time and remain productive.
Last week, Keds celebrated Women’s Equality Day with a special panel featuring female entrepreneurs including actress Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey from, SoulCycle’s CEO Melanie Wheelan, It Cosmetics’ CEO Jamie Kern Lima, Sarah Kauss, S’well’s founder and CEO, and Anu Duggal, Female Founders Fund’s founding partner. These women all continue to be leaders in their respective fields and are constantly on the go. During the talk, they let everyone in on their own personal life hacks that are surprisingly easy and doable.
Here are four of CEO-approved tips to ace your workday.
“Mine is exercise,” said SoulCycle’s Wheelan. “I always found that no matter how busy I was I always felt better after I worked out, and especially now that we are connected 24/7 to our devices.”
She added that putting down the phone is key to disconnecting.
“You’re always on and someone is always pulling at you so for me to take 45 minutes in a dark room or even if you give yourself

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