November 25, 2020

Photo finish: 10 of the best Instagram beauty accounts

Instagram beauty isn’t all about wacky, unwearable trends – although those are fun too. Here is our pick of the best accounts for minimal looks, a boy’s perspective, older women, glamour, new trends and blemish-prone skin

The many beauty aficionados of Instagram get a bad rap for creating outlandish looks that attract “likes” online but veer beyond anything that works in real life. But the world of Instagram beauty is not all unicorn-horn eyeliner, sushi lip-art and extreme contouring. The scene has become a space for alternative voices to flourish – from teens testing bronzers in their bedrooms to women of colour giving tips on makeup for dark skin, something all too often left out of the mainstream beauty narrative.

Here are some of the best beauty accounts to follow for tips on achieving the best brows, dewy skin and bold eyes.

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