May 13, 2021

YouTube’s Clothes Encounters Founder Jenn Im Launches Eggie Fashion Brand

As fashion continues to be increasingly all about the audience, YouTuber Jenn Im is stepping into the competition with today’s launch of her own label, called Eggie.
Seven years after a creative rut spurred her to start a lifestyle vlog, the Californian now has a social footprint of 4.1 million and more than 183 million views on her YouTube channel “Clothes Encounters.” Collaborations with Calvin Klein, ColourPop Cosmetics, Levi’s, Macy’s and Clinique have led to her own clothing debut. Through the global fashion company Instaco, Im is now pitching her lifestyle collection, a compact assortment of girly and gender-neutral styles, through the Eggie site.
Asked about her popularity, Im said, “I just take it day by day. I feel like my brand has been pretty consistent. My brand is just to be myself. I wear some quirky pieces. It all just comes gradually. It’s not as though I say, ‘OK, next season I’m going to be this.’ It all just has a natural flow to it.”
During a preview in New York last week, the influencer said, “These days styles are so ADD. Fashion is so quick and people are able to morph into whatever they want to look like externally. It’s about

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