January 16, 2021

Marc Jacobs Gets Eau So Decadent With Latest Scent

Marc Jacobs is launching a fresh take on its Decadence fragrance, Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent.
“Decadence expresses a freedom of women to live and feel their sexiness, but also to live with excess,” said Nathalie Durán, senior vice president of Coty Luxury. “We wanted to explore this freedom to indulge and share together with girlfriends the pleasure of this excess.”
That concept is addressed in an advertising campaign that sharply deviates from those of the prior Decadence fragrances, which featured Adriana Lima as the face. For Eau So Decadent, the brand tapped Alasdair McLellan to shoot a trio of models: Kim Turnbull, Issy Boreman and Kesewa Aboah. The idea is that decadence can be shared among friends.
“You could indulge yourself for yourself, but here, it’s even more fun when you do it with your friends,” said Duran.
The advertising campaign will be primarily digital, but will have print magazine ads and some television advertising as well, according to Renaud Salmon, vice president of marketing at Coty Luxury.
The fragrance features a blend of fruits and florals with a white amber base that is meant to be more “luminous” than the prior blends, according to Salmon.
“We wanted to keep that character [of the

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