January 21, 2021

Best Shame-Free Sandals for Men Who Want to Cover Their Feet

Cracked heels, discolored toenails, unsightly Hobbit-like hair — sometimes men’s feet are better left covered up.
But sandal season is not yet over, and there are plenty of opportunities for men to let their piggies free without feeling the wrath of foot-shamers for a missing a session with a pedicurist.
Closed-toe, fisherman and gladiator styles are the best sandal silhouettes that distract the eye away from the foot with design treatments, but allow the foot some minimal exposure. Plus, they’re excellent transition shoes from summer to fall.
Straps across the toebed and vamps, and coverings around the heel and counter will conceal a majority of problem areas.
Ancient Greek Sandals’ Pericles; $240; ancient-greek-sandals.com.
Ancient Greek sandals is a handmade brand that comes with plenty of tricks — incorporating woven-style leather straps, ties, and buckle closures. The Greek label’s Aristotelis shoe features a strap that wraps around the back of the ankle with only a slight peep-toe profile. They’re available in tan and marine for $270 on ancient-greek-sandals.com.
Also from the brand is the Pericles mules, which incorporate a closed-toe mid-foot with straps covering the other half of the foot around the ankle. They’re available for $240 on ancient-greek-sandals.com.
Asos woven sandals; £17.50; asos.com.
Asos has a slip-on woven sandal style

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