January 24, 2021

At Work: Thierry Chow, the Fashionable Feng Shui Expert

HONG KONG — To the casual observer, the Chinese practice of feng shui might appear to be about shuffling furniture around or orienting oneself to nature. According to Thierry Chow, it’s a holistic concept that goes much further than that.
In much of the same way that the Marie Kondo decluttering movement inspired thousands to ask how their wardrobe made them feel about themselves, Chow is taking the lens of feng shui and applying it to fashion.
The daughter of one of Hong Kong’s most esteemed feng shui masters Chow Hon Ming, Thierry Chow studied art illustration in Canada before returning to Asia to follow her father into the practice five years ago. While it is dominated by older men, Chow is decidedly modern in her approach, fusing her love of style to the ancient art.
Juggling her time with design work, she hopes to make feng shui a bit more accessible and open to a younger audience. Aside from working with private clients, she pens a blog in which she calculates sartorial advice for each of the 12 Chinese horoscopes and other wardrobe-conscious ways to maintain good “qi.” Fashion brands have taken notice: She’s appeared in a Guerlain campaign, and has been invited by brands like

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