January 15, 2021

This California Brand Is Focusing Its Attention On Young Talent

The co-owner and president of Blowfish Malibu, Don Weiss, opens up about effective management partnerships and why he’s learned to stop talking and listen. See what he had to say.
Tips for success:
“Listen to other people’s opinions and bring on younger people. When we first launched Blowfish [in 2005], we were all old shoe dogs. So in the last five years, I’ve learned to bring in a young spirit.”
Keeping my staff motivated:
“We’ve stayed this cool California street brand that has its own nuance, and the way we keep that going is in these meetings that we do regularly where we ask our young staff, ‘What do you think we should be doing that we aren’t doing? Should we do backpacks, leather products?’ Most recently, we launched a sneaker division that is off the charts — it’s a third of our business in under a year. That came about from sitting at one of these luncheons or dinners or [retreats]. We listen to this younger spirit. We aren’t afraid to try things.”
How I ended up in the industry:
“After I graduated high school, I got a job delivering shoes in a van on Long Island, [N.Y.], and it was for a company called

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