November 28, 2020

The White T-shirt Beauty Brand

Social media has an undeniable impact on the beauty business. But Jennifer White, founder of One Over One, a natural beauty brand, doesn’t think some of the images send the right message.
“I feel that what beauty and makeup promotes [on social] isn’t a healthy lifestyle. It’s all cocktails, doughnuts and sugar,” White said of many Instagram posts managed by beauty brands. “What’s really the biggest factor in beauty is drinking water, sleeping and eating well.”
With that in mind, White’s images for One Over One are simple — a picket fence adorned with blush pink flowers, soft blue jeans or the products themselves. There are recipes for Smoothies and images of women exercising. The vibe matches the concept of her line, which she likens to “the white T-shirt” of cosmetics.

Jennifer White

White, a product designer who has worked on other beauty brands such as ColourPop, created One Over One for women who want effortless beauty. Put simply — makeup to create a no-makeup look. She thrives on offering something different to the industry. “Everyone is trying to look like everyone else. That’s the opposite of what we are doing,” she said. However, there is mounting demand for the natural glow her items

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