January 26, 2021

Haute mess: how the scruffy trench became fashion’s favourite coat

Once beloved of Columbo and Clouseau, the trenchcoat is enjoying a revival thanks to Rihanna and Vetements. Just remember to keep it creased

As with many things in fashion today, the evolution of the trenchcoat can be traced to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed. On 16 October, the day before she was held at gunpoint and thieves stole $5m of her jewellery, she attended the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris, dressed in a trenchcoat masquerading as a ballgown, tied at the waist, cleavage in full effect. Fast-forward six months and the look had changed. On a night out, the star wore her trench open, shrugged on her arms, an apparently half-arsed attempt to cover up an outfit that consisted of a corset, lace leggings and little else.

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