January 17, 2021

Twilly d’Hermès Scent to Court Millennials

PARIS – Hermès is wooing Millennials with Twilly d’Hermès, its latest fragrance.
The house’s perfumer Christine Nagel was given carte blanche to create the feminine scent, for which she was inspired by the creative way young women wear Hermès scarves.
“They twist everything, they transform,” said Nagel. “They appropriate Hermès’ codes to do other things. I said to myself, it’s an interesting way to see things, and perhaps that could simply be a way to formulate [perfume] differently.
“If I take the major codes of perfumery and I shake them up a little, can I obtain other textures?” she continued. “So I started with that idea. I chose to twist three of perfumery’s raw materials: ginger, a white spice; tuberose, a flower that is a bit disconcerting, and sandalwood, an elegant wood.”
Ginger, which generally is used in a small quantity, is used in abundance in Twilly, according to Nagel. “It’s really an enormous quantity,” she added, referring to the spice’s fresh extraction as fibrous, burning and pungent.
“Tuberose for me perfectly represents the hidden face, a bit unsettling, of these young women,” she continued, describing them as almost childlike, with round cheeks, while being womanly at the same time.
Nagel said sandalwood is generally olfactively

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