January 24, 2021

It’s Now or Never: are Elvis jumpsuits catching on in menswear?

An exhibition featuring 40 of the King’s jumpsuits is opening in the UK – just as they are finally being embraced without irony by fashion designers

An exhibition at the O2 looking at Elvis’s career between 1969 and 1977 will feature 40 of his jumpsuits. The exhibition’s timing is also pertinent in menswear, where jumpsuits are in the process of becoming staples.

Thankfully, this trend is only loosely inspired by the King. Elvis may have worn a rhinestone and gold lame jumpsuit on the cover of 1975’s Promised Land, but next summer’s hit will likely be Miuccia Prada’s pit-stop version, which has a stripe down the side of one leg, earning comparisons to the kind of apparel usually seen at Silverstone. See also Alexander McQueen’s denim version and Louis Vuitton’s one, which resembles a silvery parachute.

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