May 12, 2021

Tiffany Scores $19.4 Million Verdict in Costco Knock-off Ring Case

Tiffany & Co. is the victor in a long-running fight with Costco Corp. over knock-off engagement rings to the tune of $19.4 million.
A New York federal judge ordered the bulk retailer to pay $11.1 million of the profits selling what it labeled as “Tiffany” engagement rings along with $8.25 million in punitive damages.
Tiffany sued Costco in early 2013, claiming its trademarked name was being improperly used on signage that misled shoppers.
“Costco’s proffered explanations for the Standalone usage — that clerical workers merely copied language from jewelry suppliers’ invoices as shorthand for Tiffany settings and that Costco therefore was not engaging in intentional infringement or counterfeiting — were not credible in light of trial evidence that showed that displays of fine jewelry are an integral part of Costco’s marketing strategy, Costco made frequent internal and external references to Tiffany as a quality and style benchmark, and Costco displayed of rings with ‘Tiffany’ stand-alone signage in proximity to displays of name-brand luxury watches,” the judge said.
With Monday’s ruling, Costco is permanently barred from using the word “Tiffany” alone or in reference to ring or setting styles.
The case went to trial in fall of 2016, and a unanimous jury found that while Costsco’s

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