January 27, 2021

Breaking: Crocs Will Appeal Rejection of Cornerstone Design Patent

A spokesperson for Crocs Inc. said the company plans to appeal a decision by the U.S. Trade and Patent to reject the design patent for its famous molded clog.
“Crocs is aware of the decision issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office relating to one of its many design patents. The decision, which is simply the next step in the administrative process, allows Crocs to appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and eventually the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals,” the spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “This is the same court that previously ruled in Crocs’ favor in its enforcement of the same patent during its successful International Trade Commission case. Crocs is confident that the appeals process will result in a favorable ultimate outcome and allow it to continue to use this design patent, along with its many other intellectual property rights, to defend its iconic products well into the future. In the meantime, Crocs will continue to aggressively enforce its intellectual property portfolio against those who unfairly trade off of Crocs’ goodwill and reputation.”
What We Reported on Aug. 11
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week issued a final rejection of the cornerstone design patent that made the

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