January 26, 2021

They Are…Finding Their Om With Meditation

Meditation: it never goes out of style.
While fashion folk constantly seek out the latest wellness trend — IV drips, sensory deprivation, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, turmeric and beet lattes — the centuries-old practice is finding new currency.
“It’s tough within the industry now,” says Khajak Keledjian, who opened the NYC-based meditation center Inscape last November. “There’s such a disconnect between fashion and wellness. Fashion — high standards, execution. You know how it is, it’s 24/7, never stops. We’re always on to the next.”
Keledjian, who founded Intermix, began meditating 10 years ago during the U.S. economic downturn. “I was a young ceo, I was 35 years old running a company of 50-plus people, how do you navigate that? What do I do, call the people from Neiman’s and Saks? They didn’t know any better,” Keledjian recalls. He thinks that the fashion world could use meditation to find clarity and calm in a continuously frenetic industry. “People need a way of shutting down or rebooting,” he says. “Even our spare time, we’re always on our devices. When do you have an empty opportunity? What happens is you’re constantly on.”
Here, a few designers share how their meditation practice affects their approach to design, business, and life.

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