May 12, 2021

The style legacy of Bonnie Parker

From berets on the Dior catwalk to pencil skirts at Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein show, we take a look at the lasting sartorial impact of Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde, 50 years since the film was first released

When Bonnie Parker, or Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde, donned a beret one morning in 1933, she would have had little idea of the future fashion implications. Dead a year later, she would have had little idea of much future at all. But, partly thanks to the 1967 film telling of her gang’s 1930s exploits, Bonnie, as played by Faye Dunaway, is now both part of an American folklore – a tough broad, a symbol of rebellion and disruption – and a card-carrying member of the fashion icon gang. The beret, knitwear and scarf alone provide immeasurable inspiration for the current season. Here are five reasons why – 50 years on from the film, 83 years from Parker’s death – her outfit matters now.

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