May 12, 2021

NBA MVP Russell Westbrook to Talk Fashion at 92Y Book Launch With Rizzoli

WESTBROOK’S FAN BASE: The NBA’s two-time MVP award winner Russell Westbrook will be the first athlete to get the grilling from Fern Mallis at 92Y.
The stylish point guard will take to the stage Sept. 11 during New York Fashion Week. The Olympian will be talking up his new Rizzoli-backed book “Russell Westbrook: Style Drivers,” which is due out early next month. Westbrook teamed with artist Raymond Pettibon for the cover’s combo of sports and fine art. After brainstorming with Westbrook in March, Pettibon, an avid sports fans, wound up doing three different covers, the endpapers and chapter openers.
Admittedly, the Q&A is “somewhat of a departure and a little stretch” for Mallis, but she was game after Rizzoli’s publisher Charles Miers suggested the idea. She has also met the six-time NBA All-Star here and there at fashion shows. “We’ve run into each other in the city. I like him,” Mallis said. “And I grew up in a basketball family. I love basketball. Being a New Yorker, the Knicks are my team. But my dad was a basketball coach in his early youth, and my cousins were all [taller than] six feet and they played basketball.”
The $55 photography-heavy book is meant to

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