January 27, 2021

How Venezuelan Designer Andrea Gomez Built a Brand for Women, by Women

For Footwear News Emerging Talent 2017, the fashion team selected 32 of the most promising and progressive names in shoes to know right now. The specifications we looked for were both formalized and guided by editorial instincts, drawing us to a diverse mixture of personalities that fused originality, intuition, verve, business savvy, on-point branding, quality, point of view, personality, cool factor, unwavering style and passion. Read on.
BASE: “New York. I’ve always loved this city — it’s exciting, inspiring and it feels like home.”
MADE IN: Italy
YOUR SHOES IN THREE WORDS: “Effortless, chic, vibrant.”
CREATIVE PROCESS: “I start with an inspiration and a color palette, and from there I get to sketching. Once I have the design done on paper, I start testing color and material combinations until I find the perfect one for each shoe.”
COMPETITIVE EDGE: “It’s a brand designed by women for women. My two sisters collaborate with me, so when I’m designing I take into consideration every facet of our different lifestyles. The diversity of our background is reflected in the variety of textures and unique color combinations.”
A portrait of Andrea Gomez
SHOP TALK: “We have been developing the direct-to-consumer market through trunk shows and our own website. We just opened The Editorialist

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