January 22, 2021

Robert Pattinson Went Unrecognized While Filming ‘Good Time’

Ever since his teen heartthrob days, Robert Pattinson has rarely been able to escape the prying eyes of fans and photographers. So it came as quite a shock to him that he was not once recognized while filming his latest picture “Good Time” on the streets of New York.
“We were shooting so much outside that I literally could not afford for anybody to find out we were shooting a movie the whole time and no one ever did,” the 31-year-old actor related at the film’s New York premiere Tuesday. “After three months of being in New York, literally not a single person even said ‘hi.’”
His role as Connie Nikas, a gritty Queens-born miscreant whose protective impulses toward a mentally challenged brother (Ben Safdie), propels the 100-minute narrative like a runaway F train.
In spite of the character’s shaggy haircut and goatee, Pattinson attributed his ability to go incognito to the attitude he projected while in character, which continued even when cameras weren’t rolling: “If you put a very aggressive energy into the world, people don’t really come up to you.”
“I didn’t know that most of the time he was in character until being in Cannes [for the film festival earlier this

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