January 19, 2021

Mint Skin’s Social Media Efforts Net Results Online at Urban Outfitters

Social media is changing the traditional retail buyer-and-seller relationship. It isn’t just influencers driving consumers to brands, social postings catch the attention of merchants, as well.
In the past, brands had to pound the pavement seeking meetings with buyers in hopes of getting a purchase order. That was especially cost-prohibitive for international contenders to travel to the U.S. or for upstart companies where founders also headed sales efforts and were stretched thin.
That’s all changed with social platforms, especially Instagram, and the floodgates are opening for brands to reach U.S. shores. And, of course, brand generated content has been an avenue for minuscule brands to match the muscle of behemoths. Companies that have benefitted from this movement include Mint Skin, an Australian brand gaining traction online at Urban Outfitters Inc. — a retailer on the cusp of discovering up-and-comers.
Mint Skin was uncovered on social media, underscoring how now merchants have to prowl social sites as hard as they also scour trade shows to find what’s hot. One buyer shared that she spends a big portion of her time looking at Instagram for brands to fit her merchandise mix. And, her assistant patrols YouTube daily, right after breakfast, for products to investigate. She

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