May 13, 2021

Influence Peddler: Maye Musk on Modeling for Five Decades

At 69 years old, Maye Musk likes to proclaim she is just getting started. The Los-Angeles based model, who is a mother and grandmother, might have started her fashion career as a mere 15-year-old, but it’s decades later that she finds herself busier than ever.
Of course, it helps that her three kids are all very successful — filmmaker daughter Tosca, food entrepreneur Kimbal, but especially her other son, Elon of Tesla and SpaceX fame. If Elon got his forward-thinking futurist bent from someone, it appears to be Maye.
Defying the stereotype that Baby Boomers can’t adapt to the digital age, social media’s most fashionable sexagenarian tells WWD about how she owes her modeling resurgence to Instagram and her plans for turning 70.
WWD: What got you into social media?
Maye Musk: I’ve been on social media for quite a long time, maybe because I’ve been sending out nutrition information. With Instagram, it was a few years ago that my best friend’s daughter said to me, “you have to go on Instagram! All the models are on it,” and [at first], I thought why would I do that, why would I go and post a picture on Instagram?
So then you know, I posted healthy food and nobody

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