May 13, 2021

Cynthia Nixon Gets Real at ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ Premiere

At Monday night’s premiere of “The Only Living Boy in New York,” Cynthia Nixon had a few questions for director Mark Webb.
“Do they all say ‘Mark’?”
Webb was carrying a mini New York license plate up and down the press line at the premiere, a cutesy social media marketing prop. “I think you may have your own,” Nixon’s publicist assured her.
Nixon costars alongside Callum Turner, Jeff Bridges and Kate Beckinsale in the New York-centric film, which tackles the complexity of relationships — family, romantic and friendship — and how they intersect. In the film, Turner befriends a literary neighbor, played by Bridges, who offers him sage life advice.
“I don’t feel like anyone particularly mentored me in that way,” said Nixon, reflecting on the friendship between the two characters. “But there were a number of actresses that I worked with when I was younger…who were very kind to me, and who I really admired and I could use them as a kind of a road map,” she continued.
“Blythe Danner was certainly one — my first play I did when I was 14, she didn’t play my mother, she played my sister, but she was much older than me. And Christine Baranski played my

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