January 20, 2021

Natalie Portman’s Metaphysical Journey in ‘Planetarium’

Suspend disbelief — at your own peril.
“Planetarium,” opening in New York on Aug. 11 and in Los Angeles on Aug. 18, stars Natalie Portman as Laura Barlow half of a sister act — they’re American mediums touring Europe, one seance at a time. The rich of pre-war Paris, who swoon — literally — over younger sister Kate’s (Lily-Rose Depp) abilities, can’t, or don’t want to, face reality.
Nor does Andre Korben (Emmanuel Salinger), a powerful movie producer, who is enthralled with the sisters’ performance at a club. He later becomes so involved in his work that he misses the signs of impending doom — the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism.
On stage, Laura holds her sister’s hand as Kate rolls her eyes back in her head and she obliges a grieving mother desperate to hear the voice of her dead child.
“Hoax!” said Portman in an interview with WWD. “Of course it is. I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff, even though I think it’s possible.”
That slight opening would be enough for Korben, who asks the Barlows to move into his house. Laura embarks on a film career with Korben’s director, while Kate becomes a guinea pig for Korben’s experiments into

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