January 26, 2021

A Woman Had To Explain To Her Friend Why She Couldn’t Wear A White Dress To A Wedding

A woman shared an awkward conversation she had with her friend about wedding guest decorum in a hilarious Reddit thread.

This woman’s friend wanted to don a pristinely white dress to another woman’s wedding, completely oblivious as to why that is a major no-no.

The post was titled “My friend is going to a wedding tonight and showed me what she was planning to wear… I quickly explained why she can’t”, and it garnered some hilarious responses.

Someone simply wrote: “Whoa that’s a new one,” as this kind of faux pas is unheard of nowadays.

There was also a comment from a Brit saying that avoiding white on a wedding day is “100% a thing in [their] social circle” and even that of their parents.

Someone suggested the woman in question may be Mormon (after the writer mentioned her friend is from a particular faith that “seems to have a lot of lack of understanding of many social norms”).

Though that was quickly nipped in the bud with this sassy comment:

“Yo, we might be socially normless, but even we know white is for brides only.”

We all have our not-so-clued in moments from time-to-time.

This is what good friends are for: to let us know not to try it on somebody else’s special day.

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