May 12, 2021

Candle Maker Maison Trudon Enters Perfume Arena

LONDON — Maison Trudon, the company behind Cire Trudon — which bills itself as the world’s oldest candle — has debuted its first perfume range.
Creative director Julien Pruvost of Maison Trudon said the approach to creating the fragrances was similar to the candle creation process. While Pruvost said he didn’t work with the company’s own lab for formulating the scents, he turned to three perfumers — Lyn Harris, Antoine Lee and Yann Vasnier — to create the fragrances.
“It does remove some of the stress on technicalities from us, which I can’t complain about,” Pruvost said of working with the perfumers. With the company’s expertise in designing candles, he said that creating the fragrances “from a structural perspective is similar, while the content is very different.”
The upscale candle and fragrance purveyor has named its collection Trudon, and the range includes five unisex fragrances that reference religion, royalty and revolution. Bruma includes notes of black pepper, lavender, galbanum and violets while Olim contains bergamot, lavender, anise, pink peppercorn and clove. II has green leaves, orange bigarade, pines, pepper and Revolution is comprised of elemi, angelique, cedar, papyrus and patchouli. Meanwhile, Mortel offers black pepper, pimento, nutmeg and Somalian frankincense.
The bottles were designed by Pauline

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