October 20, 2020

Beauty: nude lipsticks

Believe me, nude lipstick can be just as sexy as red

I’ve written a huge amount on red lipstick in my time, so people often assume I’ll be scornful of a more restrained look. The truth is, I adore nudes and wear them a good deal more often. I’m fussy about the terminology, however: a nude should be any colour skin or lips could conceivably be, not the generic beige of a Caucasian support stocking. A muted beigey-rose is my own default daytime lipstick shade, because it goes with any eye look and is always smart and appropriate.

Poppy King Lipstick Queen’s new The Truth (£22; there’s also The Whole Truth, a peachier nude; and Nothing But The Truth, which is browner) fits that brief exactly. Unlike most modern lipstick launches, the collection has a slightly moist finish rather than a wholly matte one, making it comfy, easy to wear and a tad more flattering on older lips. I adore it.

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