May 13, 2021

‘It requires a certain confidence to pull it off’ – why I love Stone Island

The label has gone from terrace wear to Drake’s favourite brand, stocked by Harvey Nichols. Now, part of the company is being sold off in a bid for global expansion. How did it come to straddle lad style and high fashion?

Of all the sportswear labels to go hip, who saw this coming? But Stone Island is hip, and this summer it’s everywhere. Its outerwear is on billboards in major cities, and even GQ is writing fashion pieces about it. Across the Atlantic, rappers Drake and Travis Scott have become Stone Island’s unofficial US ambassadors.

To me it makes sense. Stone Island takes a certain confidence to pull it off. I own a 1989 Camo Ice jacket and these jackets can sometimes wear you and not the other way round.

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