January 17, 2021

Heather Burns Fights Aliens and Misinformation in ‘Brave New Jersey’

Heather Burns’ doleful brown eyes are put to excellent use in “Brave New Jersey,” an independent film opening today in theaters and available on-demand.
The actress, who’s played a variety of character roles for the past two decades, shines in “Brave New Jersey” as beleaguered housewife Lorraine Yaeger, whose frequent sighs reveal her recognition that Sam, her husband, played by Paul Davison, is an arrogant and self-absorbed individual.
The daffy comedy takes place in the small (fictional) New Jersey town of Lullaby in 1938, on the night that Orson Welles delivered his infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast.
Much of Lullaby listens to the radio, but those who don’t, get the message when they see their neighbors wielding shotguns and shouting words like, “Martians” and “spaceship.” Lullaby isn’t immune from the laws of human behavior, and gets swept up in hysteria and panic, which manifest in hysterical ways.
Sam takes off in his car when he hears that the army of aliens is approaching, but not before he stops, gets out and looks back at his family, then calmly gets back into the car and drives away.
“Lorraine’s husband leaves her and she’s forced to stand up for herself,” Burns said. “The comedy comes out

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