January 24, 2021

Glopro Founder Introduces Skin-Care, Power Patch Ranges

Beauty Bioscience, the parent company of microneedling device Glopro, is about to triple its offerings and launch two new categories.
Today, the skin-care company will introduce the 10-product Core Collection, as well as a Power Patch Collection, a range of targeted masks for face and body that is drenched in a cocktail of active ingredients.
“People say, ‘What should I use with Glopro?’ You can use whatever you want with it, but the way the ingredients are packaged and the way we designed the active ingredients system is essentially, if you think about it, like a suitcase,” said Jamie O’Banion, cofounder and chief executive officer of Beauty Bioscience, of the topical Core Collection.
The range is priced at $35 for a cleanser, $75 to $95 for serums and $150 for a three-step retinol-based The Reversal treatment — the hero of the collection. The rose gold packaged range is divided into five categories — Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate, Protect and Enhance — with a rollout of additional products in the fall and during the fourth quarter.
“The actives are loaded into this suitcase delivery system that once they travel down the micro-channels that you created through microneedling, they reach the lower layers of the skin. There

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