January 26, 2021

Eyes On: Cazzie David

Name: Cazzie David
Age: 23
Hails From: Los Angeles

Résumé: Web series “Eighty-Sixed”; a 2007 cameo alongside father Larry David on an episode of “Hannah Montana.”
Why We Care: Following in the comedic footsteps of Larry David — who, by the way, returns to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” this fall — is no meager undertaking. But his oldest daughter Cazzie is giving it a go, and so far her effort looks promising. She recently launched an original web series “Eighty-Sixed,” which she cowrote with her Emerson College roommate. She stars in the series as Remi, a neurotic (sound familiar?) Millennial living in L.A. who is recovering from a breakup. Essentially, it’s the Larry David approach through the “twentysomething” lens. Currently six episodes have been released, all clocking in at around five minutes each. As she continues to rack up press — including this week, a promo fashion feature for La Ligne — she’ll likely soon shake off the “daughter of” qualifier.

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