November 28, 2020

Artist Ida Badal Creates Accessories to Accompany Solo Show

Artists are often praised for their personal style — extending their visual prowess to self-care and presentation.
It makes sense, then, that many young artists and galleries have begun using fashion and accessories as an extension of their aesthetic identity — issuing collectible items as a wearable strain of their work.
Tauba Auerbach’s Diagonal Press pins, Andrea Bergart’s basketball bags, Katie Stout’s sweatsuits, Grace Miceli’s Art Baby Girl range of clothing and accessories, Cecilia Salama’s phone cases, Los Angeles gallery Moran Bondaroff’s T-shirts and Aidan Alexis Koch’s jewelry have become calling card, streetwear-type items for specific downtown social circles.
Now artists Ida Badal enters the accessories ring with necklaces and retooled watches to accompany her solo show Pothole, opening Saturday at the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society. The show — on view through September — is orchestrated by the curatorial collective, Auto Body.
Badal, who a year ago relocated from New York to her native San Diego, focuses on time as a medium for discussion. A graduate of The Cooper Union, her environmental paintings portray a contrast of nature and industry from uncommon vantage points — offering examinations either cloud height or microscopically up close.
She feels that accessories are a friendly extension of her art practice.

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