January 19, 2021

Scentered to Launch in U.S. Market

Scentered is readying to bring its brand of mindfulness to the U.S. beauty market.
The two-year-old business is soft launching its aromatherapy balms and candles in the U.S. this August, through its e-commerce site.
“Aroma can deeply affect the mind-set and support the challenges of today’s hideous and relentless lifestyle,” said Scentered cofounder Lara Morgan. Morgan used to work on the manufacturing side for major beauty brands, including Penhaligons and Aveda she said, and is bringing that experience into Scentered.
“I used to go into hotel rooms around the world and just feel out of sorts,” Morgan said. So she started making aromatherapy products should could travel with (the brand’s $24 candle, for example, is travel-sized). “It was a lovely thing to be able to set my own environmental tone with I traveled.”
Scentered’s candles and balms both contain fragrance notes aimed at altering one’s mood. The company’s expansion to the U.S. is indicative of a larger trend — the merging of beauty and wellness. It’s apparent in brands like The Nue Co., which makes luxury nutritional supplements geared toward beauty, and the re-emergence of skin and aromatherapy line Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedies. Outside of the U.S., Scentered is distributed in more than 40

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