November 25, 2020

Axel Arigato’s CEO and Creator Talk About Creating a ‘Culture,’ Not Just a Brand

For Footwear News Emerging Talent 2017, the fashion team selected 32 of the most promising and progressive names in shoes to know right now. The specifications we looked for were both formalized and guided by editorial instincts, drawing us to a diverse mixture of personalities that fused originality, intuition, verve, business savvy, on-point branding, quality, point of view, personality, cool factor, unwavering style and passion. Read on.
Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson
BASE Gothenburg, Sweden
MADE IN Portugal
YOUR SHOES IN THREE WORDS “Straightforward, honest, minimal,” said designer Svärdh.
CREATIVE PROCESS “Everything starts with the sole,” he said. “After that I shape the silhouette and add detailing, or in our case, remove detailing.”
COMPETITIVE EDGE “The idea began with us questioning the whole structure of the business, especially regarding seasonal collections,” said CEO Johansson. “We built a whole new system with shorter production and delivery lead times so that demand for new product can be fulfilled more quickly and efficiently.”
SHOP TALK “Opening our first store made us rethink what a retail space can be,” he said. “Our stores serve as curated galleries featuring carefully chosen items and events as a way of inviting consumers into the world of Axel Arigato.”
BRANCHING OUT “During our first

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