May 12, 2021

House of the Week: Founder Bradford Shellhammer’s Colorful Manhattan Apartment

The founder of funky home decor site was never going to have a plain vanilla-style home.
Indeed, Bradford Shellhammer and his husband, investment banker Georgi Balinov, recently listed their one-bedroom Chelsea home for sale for $2.2 million and listing images show that they have a strawberry-colored living room filled with Pop Art, as well as other quirky treasures that they have acquired over the years.
This includes brightly colored furniture throughout the main living/dining area, as well as large building blocks of various colors, saucer-style light fixtures, paddles on the wall and a space helmet. Other quirky features include a bookshelf over the bathtub and a collection of what looks like toy rockets in the bathroom window.
The treasure trove of art that adorns the walls of every room of the top floor loft apartment, meanwhile, features standouts by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, while there are impressive views downtown to One World Trade and beyond from the living/dining area and the Empire State Building from the bedroom and the bathroom.
Bradford, who later went on to launch e-commerce site, before joining eBay as chief curation and merchandising officer, paid “The Hours” author Michael Cunningham just under $1.7 million for the condo in 2012.
Cunningham, who

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