May 12, 2021

What I wore this week: the sarong-wrap skirt

This skirt is not to be worn as you would on holiday, over a swimsuit. Treat it, instead, as you would a pencil skirt

The way to do summer-in-the-city dressing is to bring enough sunshine into your wardrobe to remind you that it’s summer out there, without looking as if you’ve come to work dressed as the sunglasses-wearing smiley face emoji. You want to change the mood in the way that opening a window and letting the breeze in changes the air in a room. This can happen in lots of ways: a rolled shirt sleeve, a bare ankle. You don’t have to wear spaghetti straps for your clothes to speak summer. You can wear white (read: Wimbledon) or yellow (sunshine) or gingham (picnics).

The sarong-wrap skirt is this summer’s crossover hit. Crossover, in this case, from summer holiday to summer-but-not-holiday. No one actually wears sarongs on holiday any more (how the kaftan killed the sarong will have to be a long read for another day), but the shape is still recognisable as beach-flavoured.

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