May 13, 2021

This New Shoe Brand Has Interchangeable Covers Designed to Match ‘1 Million Outfits’ Instantly

Imagine if one pair of shoes could match every outfit in the closet. San Francisco based fashion technology company Trooper America aims to provide the perfect solution by creating a fully interchangeable slip-on shoe.
Switch, designed in ultra-soft, premium cotton, allows wearers to instantly change the shoe’s color, style, fabric and look making for a versatile style that can match an endless combination of looks.

Created by brothers Ben Kaiser and Michael Kaiser, Switch employs patent pending technology that allows the wearer to simply zip on an interchangeable top in order to match different outfits. Starting with four top colors — red, blue, cream and gray — the tops can be applied to two different base colors: cream and gray.
This makes for an unlimited amount of possibilities which, according to the creators, means that “one pair of shoes could match 1,000,000 different outfits, instantly.”
“We chose Switch to be a slip-on to be reminiscent of TOMS’ comfort-epitomizing slip-on line. However, we wanted Switch to be more functional for activity than a normal slip-on, similar to that of a Nike running shoe, which is why we chose an ultra-cushioned jogger sole,” said Ben Kaiser who, in addition to co-creator, also serves as the designer for

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