January 22, 2021

Run this town: what Rihanna’s power suit means for your autumn wardrobe

From her gargantuan red dress to her fluffy pink co-ords, a week in Rihanna’s style is a lesson in fabulousness. It’s also a crib sheet for what you will be wearing in the new season

Rihanna is used to breaking the fashion corner of the internet by now. There was her Met Ball dress in 2015, which quickly became a meme of various foodstuffs, including pizza and omelettes. Then came the wine glass as accessory last year. And the Gucci chainmail bodysuit at Coachella, which was posted as a selfie on Instagram along with the caption: “I can’t go home yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit.” Don’t fret, Riri! At the time of writing, 1,878,262 have seen it now, along with the lucky ones to encounter it IRL at the festival itself.

In this past week, Rihanna has had a hat-trick of public appearances that she has, to be frank, slayed. Take a moment to enjoy the singer’s latest sartorial brilliance. Then take another to realise that Rihanna has the ability to bring fashion trends off the catwalk, on to social media and into your life. Like that chainmail bodysuit: I bet that this party season chainmail will be on your radar for party dresses. And that Met Ball gown? It pre-dated the yellow dress trend by almost two years. Here’s what Rihanna’s week of brilliant outfits signal for what you will wear this autumn.

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