January 15, 2021

Danny Bruckert Has Something Brewing in Downtown Brooklyn

A few days before Circa Brewery Co. officially opened in Downtown Brooklyn, head brewer Danny Bruckert was already dealing with crowd control — and racking up repeat customers. “They say curiosity kills the cat — I’ve seen you doing this for the past couple months now, so I wanted to come in and see,” says a woman who’d wandered in from the street, as Bruckert poured her a gratis glass of his pale lager. “I’m going to bring some girls here one night. Have a girls’ night out.”
Bruckert was working for Red Hook brewery Sixpoint when Gerry Rooney approached him about the idea of opening their own place. “At the time, I didn’t take it very seriously. Working at a place like Sixpoint, people come around saying, ‘Hey, I’m going to open a brewery, what do you think?’ It happens a lot,” says Bruckert. “I didn’t really take it seriously until he hired my brother, who’s a pizza chef. Without telling me — not that he needed to tell me — [Rooney] went to Portland to try my brother’s pizza and offered him a job. At that point, once he accepted, I said, ‘OK, let’s do this.’”

Brewing tanks.
George Chinsee/WWD

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