January 18, 2021

Caroline Rush, Sung-joo Kim to Receive Honorary Doctorates From University of the Arts London

DOCTORS IN THE HOUSE: British Fashion Council chief executive officer Caroline Rush and MCM’s Sung-joo Kim both received honorary doctorate degrees from University of the Arts London, UAL, on Thursday.
Rush and Kim are being recognized for their commitments to fashion during UAL’s graduation ceremonies at Royal Festival Hall. They were among 12 honorary degree recipients from the arts and cultural sectors. Others who were honored included Frances Morris, the director of the Tate Modern, set designer Es Devlin and Neisha Crosland.
“It is an honor to be recognized by UAL in this way,” said Rush. “The students graduating this year are the real inspiration and being able to address our future fashion business leaders as they graduated was an incredible experience.”
Kim, who launched brands such as Gucci, Sonia Rykiel, YSL, Marks & Spencer and MCM in Korea, serves as founder, chairperson and chief visionary officer of Sungjoo Group and MCM Holding AG.
“Ironically, I was a drop-out, failed student but here I am,” said Kim. “I have received an honorary doctorate, so I have witnessed that mission impossible can be possible. My mission has always been: Succeed to serve. I have this desire to serve others with my achievement as I had

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