January 19, 2021

Former U.S. Interior Secretary and Others Slam Trump’s National Monument Review at Outdoor Retailer

The outdoor industry is united in its fight against several President Trump policies, specifically his executive order for a national monuments review, and showed its unity this morning for Day 1 of the twice-annual Outdoor Retailer expo in Salt Lake City.
Included in the speakers denouncing the president’s order at an industry breakfast today was former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, who stated, “President Trump is playing games with our public lands, treating monuments like they were contestants on a game show.”

Other speakers included Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and famed rock climber Alex Honnold.
The event was full of soundbites outdoor enthusiasts could rally behind. Here’s some of what the aforementioned speakers shared with hundreds in attendance at Outdoor Retailer this morning.
Sally Jewell
Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior
“There’s a lot of problems with this review, but I’m going to point out three. First, it’s illegal. The president does not have the authority to change monuments, only Congress does. … If the president asks unilaterally to make changes it will immediately be challenged in court. Second, this review is deeply, deeply unpopular, and completely out-of-step with what the vast majority of Americans want. … And last, President Trump is putting himself on

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