January 19, 2021

How 2 Friends From the Finance Industry Built the Hippest Outdoor Lifestyle Website

Style, storytelling and authentic product are the essential ingredients of Huckberry.com.
It was that vision that prompted co-founders Andy Forch and Richard Greiner to leave careers in the finance industry and create an e-commerce site focused on the outdoor lifestyle. Forch recalled that in 2010, the duo somewhat naively thought: “We’ll quit our jobs, build a website and hope for the ‘Field of Dreams’ style where if we build it, they will come.”
The website they built offers a curated selection of footwear, clothing, outdoor provisions and accessories, and — as one of its most important aspects — editorial content about the gear sold on the site.
Huckberry’s official launch came in 2011, with some early growing pains. “A month after the launch, I got married,” Forch said. “I remember at our wedding, I went around asking everyone to pull out their phones and got them to sign up.”
Huckberry co-founder Andy Forch
Based in San Francisco, where VC funding is abundant, Huckberry surprisingly was developed with no borrowed capital. “We’ve gotten to where we are today based on our initial $20,000 personal investment,” said Forch, adding that each partner contributed $10,000. “Along the way, we took out an SBA inventory loan, but outside of

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