January 15, 2021

Sali Hughes’ favourite new beauty products for summer

Summer isn’t just about pastel eyeshadow and fake tan, and this year there are some useful new products on the shelves

I have recently fallen for a number of new products, which is pretty unusual at this time of year, when brands are tiresomely preoccupied with pastel eye shadow and fake tan. The first is M&S Autograph Fibre Sculpting Brow Gel (£9.50), which I’d now like never to be without. For years I took the view that brow fix was simply hair gel in a mascara wand (it was), so any 99p job would do, especially since they all became disgustingly cloudy with makeup and dirt within weeks and needed binning. Then came the fashion for thicker brows, regardless of how thin yours really were, and with it the advent of fibre-filled tinted brow gels that not only tamed the hairs, but simultaneously darkened and bulked. Cheapo brow gels simply no longer cut it, while good fibre gels (with the exception of L’Oréal Paris’s Brow Artiste Plumper; £6.99) cost a fortune.

But now good old Marks & Sparks is offering a halfway house. I doubt I could love this product more: it has the perfect brush, with deep bristles that go right into the roots, lifting and separating each hair to make the entire brow appear fuller all day without depositing a load of muddy gel on to the skin beneath (the colour is pleasingly murky and cold here, as it should be). This is a woefully rare feat.

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