May 13, 2021

Uniqlo Sees Marvel Fan-Favorites Spider-Man and Jessica Jones on Shirts

Do we need another hero? Uniqlo apparently thinks so.
The Fast Retail brand revealed exclusively to WWD that the theme of its 2018 UTGP, or Uniqlo T-Shirt Grand Prix contest, is Marvel.
“We hope this will inspire artists and fans around the world to participate in UTGP in new and unique ways,” said Rei Matsunuma, Uniqlo director of the UT collaboration business, adding that submissions for the contest will be accepted starting Monday through Aug. 31.
The partnership between Marvel and Uniqlo isn’t a big surprise. Marvel is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Co., with which Uniqlo has had a relationship since 2009.
“Magic for All,” Uniqlo’s partnership with Disney, will introduce three new collections online and in select stores. Mickey Travels, with designs based on the early Mickey Mouse short film, “Steamboat Willie,” and comic strips from the Thirties, bows on July 31. Besides tote bags, makeup bags and graphic T-shirts, there are sweatshirts, sweaters and souvenir jackets with designs such as Minnie Mouse with a Japanese volcano framed by cherry blossoms, on the back.
The Disney textile collection for babies and children is launching next month. Cathy Nordstrom designed patterns with characters such as Bambi and Chip and Dale in a soft

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