January 25, 2021

Feeling Blue? Beauty Brands Target Aging by Tech Devices

Is your iPhone making you look old? Perhaps — and beauty companies are bracing for it.
First there were products designed to fight “tech neck” — the neck skin that reportedly starts to sag from looking down at one’s mobile device too much — and now brands are quickly introducing products meant to protect skin from blue, or High Energy Visible, light, which is largely emitted from tech devices.
Even though science-wise, “the book is still being written,” said Marc Cornell, vice president of innovation and research and development at beauty product manufacturer Englewood Lab, beauty brands are being quick to jump on the trend. Blue light has two sources — screens and the sun — and brands are developing products to combat both. Already Murad and Make have sunscreen, moisturizers and serums billed to fight off blue light, and in the past few months, Farmacy, Derm Institute and Twinlab have added similar sunscreens, serums and supplements to their assortments as well.
The idea behind the trend is that blue light, part of the visible light spectrum, can penetrate skin more deeply than UVA or UVB rays, explained Cornell — and could potentially cause damage, as 20 to 30 percent of sunlight contains blue light.

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