January 27, 2021

At Work: Attorney Douglas Hand Pushes the Boundaries of Tailored Clothing

Douglas Hand has one rule when it comes to his wardrobe: always dress better than your client. “If they engage me, I’m going to charge them a lot of money. It’s about respect for them. What we do requires a great amount of detail and meticulousness and I don’t think that’s communicated well in casual clothing.”
So the bar is set pretty high when your clients include Rag & Bone, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Phillip Lim.
Hand, a fashion-industry attorney and cofounder of Hand Baldachin & Amburgey LLP, is always impeccably put together, mostly in a suit. In fact, his sartorial choices are so spot-on that the American Bar Association tapped him to write a book entitled, “The Laws of Style for the Professional Gentleman,” which will be published in November.
WWD: Tell me a little bit about your background.
Douglas Hand: I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Laguna Beach, Calif., but really fell in love with New York during my time at NYU law school and business school. I started at a big multinational law firm called Shearman & Sterling with more than 1,000 lawyers. I practiced in their New York office and for a year

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