November 28, 2020

Saks Fifth Avenue Taps Joel Warren as Exclusive Salon Partner

Joel Warren has a vision for the future of hair salons — and it’s going to play out in Saks Fifth Avenue stores.
Warren’s new concept, called The Salon Project, is a salon-shop hybrid with a strong emphasis on personalized services and retail enhanced by augmented reality — a model Warren sees as a solution to the flagging salon business.
Saks has tapped Warren, a cofounder of Warren-Tricomi, as its exclusive salon partner. Warren and Saks will launch The Salon Project in three of the retailer’s doors — including the New York flagship and the Houston Galleria — by 2019, with plans in the works for more outposts in at least ten Saks stores. The first, a 3,000-square-foot space located inside Saks Long Island, is set to bow in mid-October.
“What we’re trying to do is bring what we’re calling ‘the new luxury’ to life,” said Marc Metrick, president of Saks Fifth Avenue. “One, [The Salon Project] is differentiated, and two, it’s a seamless, high-touch experience for our customers. It’s new and it’s nowhere else.”
Warren’s idea for The Salon Project was born out of his frustration with the traditional salon model — a client walks in, is greeted by a receptionist, taken to

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