January 27, 2021

Annie Parisse Talks Netflix’s New Summer Comedy ‘Friends From College’

Almighty streaming giant Netflix premieres today its new comedy series, “Friends from College,” continuing its string of summer releases. Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Annie Parisse, the show follows a group of highly competitive friends who reunite in New York City years after graduating from Harvard. Two of the characters — Ethan (Key) and Sam (Parisse) — have been romantically involved since their Harvard years, which would make for a charming love story if the pair hadn’t actually married other people in the process.
WWD caught up with Parisse (“Person of Interest,” “Vinyl,” “Law & Order”) about her character Sam, an interior designer who loves indulging, especially in designer clothing.
WWD: Are you still in touch with your college friend group?
Annie Parisse: I am really close, to this day, with my freshman year roommate. I don’t know if that qualifies as “friend group,” but we both have two kids, and coincidentally, we had them three months apart in both cases.
WWD: Do you relate to the competitive nature your character Sam feels with her college friends in the show?
A.P.: Between me and Dirja? No. We’re in different fields, and it’s not like that. This is making me think of a conversation that [creator Nicholas Stoller] and I had

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