May 12, 2021

Activewear Brand Varley Looks to Assert Performance Positioning

Activewear brand Varley doesn’t want to be known for just leggings and sports bras with pretty prints.
The company, with offices in London and Los Angeles, is making moves to distinguish itself from the competition with the release of its Collection 2, or C2, by playing up its technical fabrications and its line’s wide-ranging uses for workouts or everyday life. Like many in the space, it’s hoping to not get pigeonholed in what is now a crowded ath-leisure and activewear space.
“I think when we started here the marketplace was much narrower. There weren’t as many brands out there doing or offering what we were doing,” Varley chief executive officer and founder Lara Mead said. “All of a sudden we had the ath-leisure boom and Varley kind of got washed up in that.”
To remain competitive, the company is looking to hammer home the point to consumers that its offering isn’t just workout gear and can be for everything from walking the dog or running a marathon, with its technical fabrics that offer moisture wicking, compression and four-way stretch.
“We were just worried that people weren’t aware of that,” Mead said.
C2’s launch now categorizes the offering into four buckets it’s calling Performance for intense

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